Varan Armenia company has been founded in 2015 with the aim of developing treatment solutions for Armenian cancer patients. Due to knowledge and experience of company founders in advanced radiation therapy and technologies,all Varian Medical Systems Radiotherapy projects in the territory of Armenia is governed to Varan Armenia under an exclusive Distribution agreement Between Varan Armenia and Varian Medical systems -USA which is the leader of providing radiotherapy solution to worldwide market. In addition an exclusive Distributor contract of Xstrahl-UK company -manufacturer of superficial treatments as well as Macromedics-Netherlands company that is manufacturer and supplier of radiotherapy patient positioning systems. At the present time, Varan Armenia is ready to provide all required services in the field of radiotherapy such as sale, investment for establishing RT projects and cancer care cancers in Armenia using the skilled task force of high qualified technical team due to achieve to the mission of improving treatment of Armenian cancer patients.
Sales and investments related to advanced radiotherapy projects and devices for all cancer types Cooperation with companies in public and private sectors as well as insurance companies which are y active in special diseases particularly cancer. Cooperation with companies -particularly Varian and xstrahl, in business development to neighboring countries Increasing quality and quantity of cancer care solutions in Armenia using skilled task force of well qualified human resources in region Education and training local human resources in Armenia for transferring know how of using advanced technology for cancer treatment In addition other commercial affairs in company’s oriented fields especially pharmaceutical products will be considered as Varan Armenia’s activity.